Why Attend: For Investment Professionals

As investment decision makers, you may already be aware of some of the concepts, but you can learn from the speakers and each other as peers. You may have a passing awareness of the growth in Sustainable Investing, and can attend to learn more about the practical aspects of implementing this type of approach. You may also want to understand the rationale for this approach and how to present it internally as an advocate. You are already considered experts in the field of investing, and attend many financial events and conferences, but do not have an environment like this Summit to reflect and talk about Faith as it pertains to investing. Our focus with you is to highlight what this conference can uniquely provide in these areas:

  • Meet with investment and financial industry professionals to discover how modern fiduciary duties can be integrated with efforts to further God’s Kingdom.
  • Learn more about the emerging field of Impact Investing, and the potential it can have on your organization and mission alignment.
  • Participate in our private CIO/CFO roundtable for senior professionals to hear how others are meeting the challenge of providing for their organizations future while expanding the impact of their ministries.
  • Connect with BRI experts, experienced financial advisors and money managers, and a wide range of service providers and support organizations working to integrate faith and investments.
  • Hear from successful investment managers and organization leaders who’ve accepted the challenge of putting biblical values and principles at the heart of their operation.
  • Participate in uplifting worship that challenges our understanding of the way God’s will can be lived out through our financial choices and priorities.


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