Why Attend: For Advisors

Financial Advisors who wish to add Biblically responsible investing to your practice will find the conference a great setting to get all types of approaches and ideas for implementation. You probably already recognize the importance to be aware of trends and interests of your clients, and understand the importance of aligning with the values of your clients. You may find this Summit would be beneficial for bringing several members of your team to focus on their unique specialty and see how BRI can be used in their responsibilities. Team bonding and team growth is an added benefit in addition to the emphasis you will experience while gaining insights about specific investments that utilize BRI methodology.

Advisors will have an opportunity to gain first hand insights into investment choices that range from mutual funds, separate accounts, alternative investments, and private placements. This combined with the opportunity to talk directly with portfolio managers makes this most strategic setting appropriate for also bringing your clients with you to also view and hear about the latest offerings in Biblically Responsible Investing.

Financial Advisors will find this conference a great time to re-charge their batteries in a most unique setting while also having dialogue with other advisors who are using Biblically Responsible Investing in their practice. Special breakout sessions that are uniquely designed to address the challenges and needs of advisors will bring great value to the brief time away from the work a day world.

Our focus with you is to highlight the value you’ll get from the conference in these areas:

  • Learn – gain information about BRI investment products and options
  • Network – learn directly from managers and network with thought leaders and others
  • Recharge/refresh – Use the conference as a chance to recharge from the day to day of office
  • Retreat – Use the conference as retreat for a small leadership group at your firm


Premier Partners

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