Why Attend?

All of us have many responsibilities and obligations. We are busy, and time is a precious non-renewable resource. An inevitable question for each of you is what’s in this event for me? Why should I attend? Here’s our answers to that question:

No matter where you are on your journey of faith and your integration of money into your faith, you will get value from the Summit. If you’re not sure what BRI is, or whether it is important, the Summit will provide examples of best in class practices and help you understand why others do it with excellence. The agenda will include breakouts that introduce the concepts of Faith-based investing for those unfamiliar. If you are further along, the agenda will also provide deeper dives into specific issues around Kingdom Impact Investing and BRI. Where is began, how it has changed, and where it is going. It’s also an important place to network and identify what still has to develop in information gathering, transparency, data, etc

We hope that at the conclusion of the Summit, you’ll know that you aren’t choosing between industry respected investing versus Biblical investing. They can be aligned. We want you to be aware of the broad set of options available for investing across asset classes. We hope you’ll feel positive about faith-based investing and be inspired to take some action. We want you to know and believe you are not the only one thinking and desiring to do faith-based investing. Finally, we hope you’ll ask yourself the questions ‘should my faith play any role in my investing?’ and ‘how can I take steps to aligning my investment with faith?’ We hope you’ll leave wanting to take the next step for you, however big or small.

Here are some notable testimonials:

“What a privilege it is to recommend and endorse the CIF Summit. The genre of Kingdom-minded investing continues to grow and mature. As such, it has reached an acceptance level at the highest levels of investment expertise. To God be the glory for raising up this community.”

Ron Blue, Founding Director of Kingdom Advisors & The Ronald Blue Institute


“The Christian Investment Summit is a much needed event for financial professionals, institutional investors and Christian investors wanting to share and engage on the vital issues of Faith based investing.  I am glad the Christian Investment Forum is taking a leading role in raising the awareness of how Kingdom Impact Investing can be done with excellence and with integrity.  I/We look forward to working with CIF to further raise the awareness and help more Christians recognize the need and the opportunity. ”

Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Management

Here are some additional reasons to attend for Advisors or Investment Professionals.


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