2018 Christian Investment Summit Highlights

Highlights from the 2018 Christian Investment Summit, where attendees from across the financial industry engaged, learned, refreshed and led conversations about Faith based investing, or BRI.


This is a useful story that highlights the goals and purpose of faith based investing.  Why do we allow our investments to work against the things we believe in as Christians?  Whatever you value and prioritize in your faith, your investments can and should support those values.

Our thanks to Chad Hamilton who first conceived of and produced a version of this video and allowed for our use.  More about Chad can be found at 


Faith based investing is not just about negative screening.  It is about aligning investing with God’s love and design for us.  Learn how investing with a Christian perspective can lead to human flourishing.

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Steve Nickel of Samaritan’s Purse, shared the following letter of support with Christian Investment Forum.