Christian Investment Summit

August 15-17, 2018 | Asheville, North Carolina

Sharpen your skills on Biblically responsible investing.

Engage with peers and experts.

Refresh your perspective.

Many advisors and investors remain skeptical that industry-respected investing and faith-informed investing can be aligned. We believe it’s not only possible, but beneficial.

It can be difficult to find others in the investing world who share this conviction. At the Christian Investment Summit, you’ll connect with people who get it.

For 7 years, the Christian Investment Forum has been exploring Biblically responsible investing (BRI), learning all the possibilities it offers, best practices, and new ways to approach it.

5 Common Misconceptions About Biblically Responsible Investing

The idea of Biblically responsible investing often comes with a lot of misconceptions and perceived limitations. Download our free PDF to learn what the most common myths are – and the truth.

Nearly 100 investment professionals gathered in Asheville, North Carolina for the inaugural Christian Investment Summit in 2017.

“A wonderful learning experience!”

“Great opportunity to network with various investment providers.”

“The programming and content were terrific, and the people were even better!”