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The Christian Investment Forum is a 501( c)6 not for profit Trade Association.  We welcome members who are interested in supporting and promoting the mission and goals as described in our Corporate Charter as espoused in our Organizing White Paper.  Standard Members pay annual dues to receive the benefits below.

Membership Benefits Summary

The most significant advantage members will receive is the overall growth in market share and in assets allocated to BRI investing.  CIF will have the ability to market and promote BRI to the general public and influencers differently than individual firms.  First, there are promotional economies of scale with the budget CIF can utilize from the membership.  Second, CIF can deliver a message that will position the CIF as a “market authority”, instead of an individual firm “selling” themselves.  Together, these can have a positive effect on the assets under management for individual CIF members.  CIF will strive to assist members in that endeavor by becoming “the source” for BRI, and providing visibility to our members as leaders in this field.  CIF will work to establish and develop our brand, and with that success members will become distinguished from others and gain credibility from the association to CIF.

Core Member Benefits:

  1. Social Media Campaign
    • Firm Name included in substantial social media campaign that will reach thousands of Christian influencers, advisors and investors
  2. Visibility on CIF website as Member Firm
    • Inclusion in membership database, listing Firm products, services and values which can be searched by advisors and investors
    • Rotation in a Member display promotion on the CIF website
  3. Opportunities to develop Member Firm specific visibility through:
    • Speakers bureau,
    • Media interviews,
    • Press quotes,
    • Board roles, and others; all of which stem from involvement in CIF.
  4. Outreach to financial advisors
    • CIF will seek to be the values based investing resource for financial advisors
  5. Networking opportunities with other members to discuss:
    • Industry trends,
    • Market challenges,
    • Best Practices,
    • Governance issues,
    • Investment theories, and
    • Other issues of interest to the members

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