Engage As An Investor

The world of investing is changing, and you are part of igniting that movement. Many of today’s investors prefer to have more impact with their investments than simply a return. Consistently about 80% of Christian investors say they would like to align their investments with their faith if they can still achieve an average market return. What had limited greater adoption and alignment was a lack of investment options available and an expectation of a lower return.

These limits to adoption no longer exist, but perceptions are slow to change. Options now exist for investors of all types – from high net worth to someone just starting out with a small investment account. From custom investment portfolios to mutual funds available from every firm and for any account. Research continues to confirm that investing with an alignment to values does not on average negatively impact return performance.

The Christian Investment Forum is a Kingdom-focused investment association committed to educating you by providing opportunities to bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities, and world that we serve.

We strive to be an organization that enables others to advance and promote Biblically responsible investing, and cause greater Kingdom impact.

You may be wondering what exactly is BRI?  We’ve devoted an entire section of the site to that very question. It is our goal to promote open and transparent conversations on the topics of investing.  Just like the Christian faith is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so your BRI approach should be based on that same personal relationship.

The Christian Investment Forum is a platform to allow you and others to learn about faith based investing, or BRI.   Our objectives are to increase the awareness and use of BRI, and gain credibility for BRI strategies.  By increasing awareness and building credibility we hope more individuals like yourself will consider whether this form of investing should and can be a part of the investment strategy for you and your financial advisor.

  • We are Partners with you, with your advisor, and with each other
  • We are Leaders in the field of finance and investing
  • We are Stewards through our commitment to excellence in all things.

We invite you to walk through our site, to learn more about Biblically responsible investing, to listen or watch some of our webinars or videos, and to engage with the CIF Member firms either directly or with your advisor.

To help you we’ve provided some key questions to ask yourself and your advisor in this page “Getting Started with BRI”