Engage As An Advisor

The Christian Investment Forum exists to raise awareness and promote the knowledge and understanding of Biblically responsible investing (BRI).  We are dedicated to making the investing public and the Christian community aware of the fact that faith based investing is widely available and provides similar performance as other investment options that do not incorporate faith values into the decision making process.

As a trusted financial advisor to investors, you are a partner in our mission as well as a core part of our audience.  One of our key objectives is to assist you in  your role as a financial advisor by making our site a valuable resource as you seek to gain knowledge and awareness yourself about BRI and our member firms.

Together we can serve Christian investors by helping them understand the opportunity that exists to align their investments with their faith, and cause greater Kingdom impact.  A large majority of them would like to align their investing with their values, but simply don’t realize they can and don’t know how.

If you have questions, or suggestions, please contact CIF or one of our member firms directly.  Together, we can ignite a movement to bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities and world that we serve.