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Your generous financial support is 100% tax deductible and helps the CIF Foundation advance the concepts of Faith Driven Investing, also known as Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI), through content, training, and events.

In 2019, the Christian Investment Forum was able to continue making progress on our mission to increase the awareness and use of Faith Driven Investing, through support from our Members and donors.  Among the successes in 2019 were:


These are some of the activities that are planned for 2020 that will be supported by your generous giving:


There are many worthy charities and mission related non-profits deserving of your generous giving.  The Christian Investment Forum encourages your continued support of those organizations you already support.  What makes CIF unique, however, is the ability to enable the increased giving to those firms as we seek to change how Christians view their wealth, their investing, and their giving.  In this sense, CIF can leverage and unleash the impact across all of the worthy causes.

If you wish to donate by mail, please send your gift to:

CIF Foundation

13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 500

Charlotte, NC 28277

Please make checks payable to “CIF Foundation”.


For other forms of payment (i.e. wires), or if you have any questions or interest in directed giving, please email


If you have appreciated stock, real estate, or other assets you’re interested in using for donations, CIF would direct you to one of the following Christian charitable foundations that can help create a donor advised fund (DAF) or other structures from which to give.  These can be used to donate to the CIF Foundation.


The Christian Investment Forum (CIF) and the CIF Foundation are committed to educating advisors and investors by providing opportunities to bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities, and world that we serve.  CIF and the CIF Foundation seek to bring about that change through research and tools, through education, through communicating the Why and What of CIF, and by creating a safe environment for convicted civil discourse.  In this way, we strive to be an organization that enables others to advance and promote Kingdom Impact Investing that transforms our world.


About the CIF Foundation –

The CIF Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization associated with the Christian Investment Forum (a 501c6 non-profit).  CIF Foundation provides research and training related to Christian Faith Based Investing, also known as Biblically responsible investing (BRI).  It also hosts events, such as the Christian Investment Summit, to support CIF and the mission of increasing the awareness and use of Faith Based Investing.  The CIF Foundation can accept tax deductible charitable donations from those interested in supporting our activities.

The CIF Foundation EIN is: 81-3133535