Thought Leaders

The Christian Investment Forum has developed the CIF Speakers Bureau with the intention of supporting the needs of our community and the media through thought leadership in BRI.

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide a qualified pool of experts for interested parties, specifically to:

1) Organizations and groups seeking speakers for events

For groups or organizations that are seeking speakers for their conferences or events, the CIF Speakers Bureau can provide a qualified list of potential keynote speakers or panelists.  Speakers chosen from our list can be contacted to both speak on their own behalf; the positions of their organizations; or the positions of the Christian Investment Forum.  The CIF Speakers Bureau provides an easy way to access thoughtful, articulate and knowledgeable speakers who can provide information about faith based investment alternatives for groups who wish to have their investment choices reflect their Biblical worldview.

2) Media who need background for stories or are seeking comments on current events

For the media, the CIF Speakers are experts in the field of finance and can speak about current events, the financial markets, and growing field of faith based investing and related investing methodologies.  These include ESG (environmental, social, governance), sustainable investment, impact investing, socially responsible investing, triple bottom line and other similarly named approaches.  They can provide background for stories on the financial and investing markets, can be available on short order for interviews, and to provide quotes for articles or news reports.

To learn more about the CIF Speakers Bureau, or to get a list of the available speakers, please fill out the form below.