The Christian Investment Forum (CIF) is a Kingdom-focused investment association committed to educating advisors and investors by providing opportunities to bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities, and world that we serve.

CIF strives to be an organization that enables others to advance and promote biblically responsible investing (BRI), and cause greater Kingdom impact.

We are a 501c6 non-profit trade association of Christian investment professionals and companies, led by a Board of its Members and run by an Executive Director.  We strive to educate ourselves and the wider public on the benefits of BRI through research that leads to credibility, training that leads to knowledge, and networking that leads to influence.

The CIF Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Christian Investment Forum.  CIF Foundation provides training and events to support CIF, and can accept charitable donations from those interested in supporting our activities.

Below are the Member Firms of the Christian Investment Forum.  You can learn more about each by clicking the logo and going to their personal page on the CIF website where they provide more information about their products and services.