May 20, 2020


Dear CIF Friends,


The Christian Investment Forum was organized in 2011 with a mission of “Increasing the Awareness and Use of Biblically Responsible Investing”.  Over the ensuing 8 years CIF has brought together those involved and interested in Christian Faith based investing – fund families, investors, advisors, RIA firms, Kingdom Advisors, and others – to provide information, resources and training within the big tent of this Christian approach to stewarding assets.  Many things have changed for the better in this field during these 8 years.  CIF has played an important role in that change by bringing people together, in creating unity in mission amongst differences in style, and in delivering a positive message about the impact we can all have on our cities and world through Embracing, Engaging and Avoiding.  It is exciting to see the progress already made.  It is even more exciting to think of the potential in the future.  The prospects of making Faith driven investment products and services available across all asset classes and categories is energizing, so that every Christian investor has the opportunity to allow their investing to align with their faith.

It is with this future vision in mind that over the last 12 months CIF leadership has been planning for the role we should play in the next 5 years.  That planning has also included discussions with others in our field to understand how we can engage with and support them.    Through this strategic planning process, an idea has grown that focuses on how to leverage and grow what has been built.  That idea is to create a formal alliance with Faith Driven Investor, a sister organization in this mission.  After careful evaluation, the CIF Board has voted unanimously to pursue this partnership with FDI.

Through this alliance, I will be passing the proverbial baton on to Justin Forman of Faith Driven Investor and the visionary founders of FDI Henry Kaestner and Luke Roush.  The teams at CIF and FDI have been having conversations over the last 6 months about this opportunity, and feel very comfortable that together these organizations can more quickly progress on the shared vision and mission for Faith driven investing.

Even if we were not going through this unprecedented health and economic environment of Covid-19, this is still an important time for Faith based investing.  However, it is especially true in times of challenge that the principles of Christian faith based investing and Biblically wise counsel are most apt to be considered.  We have a responsibility to spread this message.

Over the next few months, CIF and FDI will work towards insuring that the very best content, tools, training, and resources at the CIF website for advisors and investors will also be available on the FDI website, in a format that is easy to find and navigate.  Even more important is the continued development of additional tools and training on Faith driven investing to insure the website is the destination for investors and advisors alike who are interested in aligning investing with their faith.  The member firms of CIF will be actively participating within the FDI movement, and everyone involved with CIF is encouraged to learn more about FDI through this 3-minute video overview they produced.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we recognize the support and involvement of so many pioneers in this space since CIF was organized.  CIF was, it is now, and it will continue to be an encouragement and valuable to the community through the commitment of those who embrace and engage in sharing the story of integrating our faith into investing that can transform our world and bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities, and world that we serve.

In His Service,






John Siverling

Executive Director


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