Christian Investing Study

The Christian Investment Forum is collaborating with a leading market research firm to propose a comprehensive landmark Christian Investing Study to examine the investment attitudes and behaviors of practicing Christians:

  • This project would include a customized segmentation study, interviews with multiple stakeholders, profiles of exemplar investors, and a published monograph including infographics, analysis and expert commentary.
  • The purpose of the study would be to provide an overview of existing practices in the market and highlight potential ways to better serve and support Christians in their investing decisions, and provide concrete action steps for investment professionals serving and supporting Christians in their endeavors in this area.
  • The study is proposed to commence in early 2019, completing in early 2020. This study could also serve as a baseline for future annual or bi-annual follow-up studies to track progress in this area.
  • Stakeholders who would participate in the study include:
    • Christian investors
    • Investment organizations and professionals who provide services to Christian investors
    • Leaders and pastors in the Church and ministry world

This will be foundational and a groundbreaking study into the language, landscape and shape of Christian investing in today’s world.  The purpose is to better understand and equip Christians, and the professionals, leaders and organizations who serve them, to help them collectively become more missional and effective in investing their resources for Kingdom purposes.

Objectives for the market research project:

  • Gain an overall understanding of Christians as investors and how investing fits into their view of faith (how related is investing to faith and work integration, faith and culture, and faith and impact).
  • Identify what Christian investors need and want in the area of investing (products, services, benefits, advice, etc.) to help them better integrate investing with faith.
  • Highlight the nature and extent of the gap between what Christians express in terms of investing with faith and their actual practices (words vs. actions).
  • Heighten awareness of Christian values investing as a credible approach to investment, regardless of church denomination and amount of assets owned, and as an approach that has many products and options available now in the market.
  • De-mystify faith-based and Biblically responsible approaches to investing for regular Christians and the Church.
  • Elevate and broaden awareness of these approaches through media communications and Christian Investment Forum members PR efforts.
  • Develop potential strategic and tactical solutions that CIF can incorporate into planning for the organization and its partners and members. GOALS


We Envision A Better Future:

Currently many Christians consider investing mostly in terms of getting market rate or better results through their investments in equity, bond or private equity funds, separate from their tithing or giving strategies to support church and Kingdom work.  That is, they invest to increase their resources so they have more to give away.



Envisioning a Better Future would have Christians actively applying their faith beliefs and Biblical principles to all of their investment decisions and activities for a greater overall Kingdom outcome.  This “enhanced” approach to stewardship would have Christians see their entire portfolio of investments aligned with their faith beliefs and practices. Investments viewed and managed in this way can provide a double bottom line and better use investing for Christian purposes in the world.

Insights to Action – Helping Christians think and act with more faith alignment in their investment decisions.


Click on the image below to view the short presentation regarding this landmark study:









If you’d like to learn more about this study, support the study or participate in some way, please contact John Siverling at



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