Impacting the Kingdom is the title of a presentation shared with various financial advisor groups by CIF.  Due to a number of requests, shown below and included are both a pdf file format as well as a presentation style that includes transitions.

The agenda and purpose of the presentation was to:

  1. Introduce (or re-introduce) the Christian Investment Forum
  2. Provide definitions for Faith Based Investing (or BRI) and some of the fundamentals associated with this investing approach
  3. Provide some rationale for the use of BRI in advisor engagements with investor clients
  4. Share some of the resources available from CIF to enable the implementation of Faith Based Investing














PDF Format Version

This version of the deck will open directly as a pdf

Impacting the Kingdom Deck (Dec2018)


Powerpoint Presentation Format Version

This version will download (~7 MB)

Impacting the Kingdom Deck (120118)

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