Impact Investing Resources & Links

Below are some useful impact investing resources and links to organizations, databases, and information on the topic.  A more comprehensive resource page or section of the CIF website is being developed to focus on Kingdom Impact Investing.


Kingdom Impact Investing Resources:


Nexus Impact Advisor

This consulting firm is focused on impact investing, and more specifically targets Kingdom impact investing:  LINK .  Nexus has authored a White Paper on BRI and Impact Investing that can be found on their website:  LINK 

Impact Foundation

This donor advised fund Christian foundation allows investors to create donor advised funds (DAF) that can invest into private companies and venture or private equity funds that focus on Kingdom impact investing: LINK

The Lion’s Den

An organization that hosts business plan competitions for Kingdom minded companies to present to potential investors, as well as some educational programming.  Started in Birmingham, Alabama: LINK , but now with another in Dallas, Texas: LINK 

Praxis Labs

A non-profit organization set up to help mentor and fund “redemptive entrepreneurship”, through both for-profit and non-profit startups: LINK

Faith Driven Entrepreneur

This website was created to help support Christian entrepreneurs in aligning their work with their faith: LINK

Faith Driven Investor

This beta website was created by the same team that started Faith Driven Entrepreneur to help support Christians interested in how to invest in alignment with their faith, with a focus towards Kingdom impact investing: LINK

Sovereign’s Capital

A venture fund manager focused on investing in companies with Christian values alignment in their management and mission: LINK


General Impact Investing Resources:


Describes itself as the “global action community for impact investors”, with plenty of research and tools for the broad impact investing market:   LINK

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

This network is not specific for Christians and impact investing, but is one of the top resources for the impact investing segment as a whole:  LINK

A list of the tools and research available from the GIIN website: LINK



Impact Investing Databases:

iPar Analytics

An aggregation database of funds, fund managers, and measurement goals for Impact Investing: LINK


A database of both public and private impact funds managed by the GIIN: LINK

TONIIC Database

A list of funds maintained by TONIIC, another industry group: LINK

The Impact Assets 50

A list of private impact funds: LINK


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