Understanding the fundamental principles of BRI (Biblically Responsible Investing) is critical if it is to be used by advisors and investors.  BRI is not well understood, based on surveys of Christian financial advisors by the Christian Investment Forum.  Without confidence in discussing BRI, conversations about values and aligning investments will not take place.  Part of the reason is from the past – perceptions of what was described as BRI may not match what it is today.  Part of the reason is that BRI is simple in concept but more complex in practice.

This presentation seeks to begin to unlock some of the mystery surrounding the concepts and principles underlying Biblically Responsible Investing, from the viewpoint of the Christian Investment Forum.  This introductory 15-minute webinar provides the CIF definition of BRI, and introduces the core concepts (Screening, Governance, Advocacy) that underlie the application of BRI into an investment decision making process.

Additional training materials will be developed to dive into each of the core concepts more fully.

BRI Presentation Contents
  1. Introduction of CIF and its Mission
  2. What is BRI?
  3. Core Concepts of BRI
    1. Screening – Exclusionary and Inclusionary
    2. Governance
    3. Advocacy
  4. Opportunities to Implement Biblically Responsible Investing
    1. Mutual Funds Available
    2. Equity Style Box
    3. Services and Service Providers
Additional Resources

Article – What is BRI?

This ARTICLE provides more details on the question What is BRI, as well as reasons Why it should be considered as a credible approach to investing for advisors and their clients.

CIF Member Directory

The PAGE includes snapshots of each of the CIF Member Firms, and links to page providing more details and contact information for each firm.

CIF Member BRI Policy Statements

This PAGE provides concise statements from each CIF Member on how they approach Faith based investing, along with links providing more details and contact information for each firm.

Chart of CIF Member Funds

This LINK provides access to a sortable chart of each of the mutual funds available from CIF Members, based on asset category or fund name.

Advisor Tools – Client Questionnaire on BRI

One of the first and most difficult aspects of introducing BRI is to understand the values and priorities of an investor, in order to best align the investment strategy to those values.  The questionnaire (pdf link below) may be helpful to put in front of an investor and let them provide the guidance.

Investor Profile Issues – v1


Presenter Bio

John has developed his financial, operational and management business skills from a varied history of professional experiences.  Following his lead role in the formation and launch of the Christian Investment Forum, John became the first Executive Director in order to continue the growth strategy of the non-profit trade association.  The goal of CIF is to build awareness and credibility for faith based investing within the broader financial investment industry.  In addition to his work at the Christian Investment Forum, Mr. Siverling is also a co-founder and President of Sentiens, LLC, an early stage healthcare technology company.  He is also Managing Partner in JAS Ventures, LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping companies develop and execute faith integrated business practices.

John has been a frequent speaker and panelist, including at the University of Michigan Business School, MIT Forum, UNCC Five Ventures Business Plan Competition, and Kingdom Advisors among others.  John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

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